Add some storage to your stroller

It seems like you have two choices when it comes to strollers. You have your lightweight stroller that is easy to pack around and deal with in crowds and tight spaces, and you also have your rolling tank that can store three weeks of food and double as a rolling emergency shelter should disaster strike. Both strollers have their use cases, but at times it’s nice to have something a little more in the middle.

We have the perfect solution for those who are looking to stick with a lightweight stroller but have a bit more storage for snacks, diapers, drinks, or anything else you want to bring along that don’t fit so neatly in a purse or baby bag. The Pack and Go Neoprene Stroller Organizer attaches neatly near the handles of the stroller and hangs behind the seat. With insulated cup holders and a pair of insulated cargo compartments, snacks and drinks are kept at the right temperature for both short and longer outings.

Add some storage to your stroller

The Pack and Go Neoprene Stroller Organizer is also easy to remove and clean if needed, but won’t interfere with the stroller’s ability to fold and store, so it can be left in place permanently. Durable, lightweight, and out of the way, it’s a perfect addition to any stroller, especially to those lightweight strollers that could use a bit more pocket space.

With the holidays coming up, this is also a fantastic gift for new or expectant parents. Head on over to our store to order yours now.

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