Pack Soup with the Slide N Save

Throughout the fall and winter months, soup becomes a way of life for many of us. Whether it’s a good way to warm up for dinner after a commute home or a midday meal, it’s hard to beat soup on a cold day. For those of us that pack our lunches for work, however, soup can be a bit of a problem. We try plastic tubs that spill, are unhealthy to use for reheating, and have lids that are less secure than our teenage kids. We do it though. We put that homemade chicken noodle soup in a plastic bin and hope that when we unzip our lunch bag that it’s not a soggy mess.

We have the perfect solution for packing soup, and it’s our Slide N Save Reusable Bags. These bags are great for all kinds of dry and wet foods, but they’re absolutely perfect for soup. Made from silicone, the Slide N Save bags are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, stand up on their own, and won’t leak even if they’re packed around. You can even put the bags directly in boiling water for cooking or reheating food.

When not in use, the Slide and Save bags take up less space than any other kind of food storage container. The bags lay flat and you don’t have to search for matching lids when it’s time to pack your lunch. Simply put, the Slide N Save Reusable bags are just more convenient than any other way of packing soup. Head on over to our store and check them out. The bags are available on our store in packs of two or three.

With the holidays coming up, these are also a fantastic gift idea for parents or people who are often on the go.

Reduce screen time without increasing scream time

Screen time. Those are two hot button words that kids hate to hear and parents love to stress about. Expert opinions may vary on how much screen time is appropriate for children, but almost all parents are happy to see screen time in the home reduced, especially if it can be done without a fight.

When looking to reduce screen time, there are many ways to go about it. Some parents put a daily maximum on time and let the children choose how they want to break up the time throughout the day, while others have designated times when TV, video games, and tablets are free to use. While these are effective ways to control the amount of screen time, they often lead to frustrations with kids looking to push beyond the established boundaries or complaints that the allotted time isn’t fair.

We have found that one of the best ways to avoid arguments over screen time is to give children alternatives to screen time that engages their imagination and sense of creativity. Whether it’s giving kids art supplies to paint or color, building blocks, or musical instruments, kids find that when they pour their energy into creative efforts that they forget about the screens that seemed so impossible to look away from. Compromises can also be made during screen time where children may combine art time with their TV show or movie time, which makes transitioning away from the TV easier to do when time is up and ensure that not all the time spent in front of the screen is passive.

While every parent needs to decide how much screen time is appropriate for their own children, all parents should find ways to keep the peace with their kids when it comes to turning the TV or tablet off. We offer a variety of products in the store that kids have shown to love. Check out our store and see the many ways we are able to help you encourage creative play with your children and avoid meltdowns over screen time reduction.

Add some storage to your stroller

It seems like you have two choices when it comes to strollers. You have your lightweight stroller that is easy to pack around and deal with in crowds and tight spaces, and you also have your rolling tank that can store three weeks of food and double as a rolling emergency shelter should disaster strike. Both strollers have their use cases, but at times it’s nice to have something a little more in the middle.

We have the perfect solution for those who are looking to stick with a lightweight stroller but have a bit more storage for snacks, diapers, drinks, or anything else you want to bring along that don’t fit so neatly in a purse or baby bag. The Pack and Go Neoprene Stroller Organizer attaches neatly near the handles of the stroller and hangs behind the seat. With insulated cup holders and a pair of insulated cargo compartments, snacks and drinks are kept at the right temperature for both short and longer outings.

The Pack and Go Neoprene Stroller Organizer is also easy to remove and clean if needed, but won’t interfere with the stroller’s ability to fold and store, so it can be left in place permanently. Durable, lightweight, and out of the way, it’s a perfect addition to any stroller, especially to those lightweight strollers that could use a bit more pocket space.

With the holidays coming up, this is also a fantastic gift for new or expectant parents. Head on over to our store to order yours now.

Parents need time for themselves too

The other day the kids were bouncing wildly off every bit of furniture in the home, off of each other, and off the walls themselves. That day wasn’t exactly unique, either, as the kids have been especially energetic lately and have been struggling to find the best ways to release that energy. My wife, whose patience is unmatched, was nearing her breaking point and we sat down to talk about some frustrations.

At one point in our conversation, I started to realize something…my wife really never does anything solely for herself. From the moment her alarm goes off in the morning (before mine) until she collapses into bed late at night (after I do), she’s handling other people’s needs. I even asked her to point out the last time she did something she wanted to do that was purely for her own benefit. She had trouble coming up with a moment.

I don’t think my wife’s situation is unique. In fact, I think it’s fairly common that the never-ending demands of parenthood push us to continually set aside our ambitions and comforts to satisfy the wants and needs of our growing children. It’s a noble thing, for sure, but there’s no shame in taking some time for yourself. In fact, most experts on parenting would agree that it’s necessary.

An article that was published a couple of years ago in the Washington Post likened self-care as a parent to the command post in the armed forces. It said:

In traditional ground-fought wars, the command post behind the lines would often have hot coffee, good food and dry clothes. Was this because the generals were selfish? Or because they deserved it for having made the highest ranks in the military?

No, it was because if the command fell or experienced low morale, the rest of the troops, and indeed the entire war effort, would be in jeopardy. Those leaders making critical decisions needed to be at their best.
Now think of that in terms of parenting. Parents are the generals of their household. How do you, in particular those who stay at home with children, feel day after day, hour after hour, with no real break in sight? Is your coffee hot and clothing dry? Probably not.

If that continues, how do you think your troops at home will fare? Not well, if you’re not well.


Sure, we sell products to make your parenting tasks easier, more enjoyable, and to take less of your time, but it’s important to find ways to step away from those tasks completely from time to time. Remember that happy parents are better parents. Find ways to introduce a little down time into your routines. You will thank yourself for it, and so will your children.

Keeping snacks off the minivan floor

Labor Day is nearly here and it’s one of the biggest driving days of the year. The entire holiday weekend sees families packing their cars, SUVs, and minivans full of snacks, toys, electronics, and luggage as they head off to give summer one final hurrah.

To get where we want to go in a reasonable amount of time and to make the trip a bit more fun, we usually bring along a selection of snacks to keep us on the road and to help us from having those hangry kid meltdowns from the back seats. Unfortunately, and far too often, by the time we get back home from the trip, that once nice gray carpet has taken on the color of nacho cheese flavor dusted chocolate chip cookies.

With a little preparation, however, it’s not that hard to keep things from getting messy once the snacks are brought out. For kids, the E-Z Travel Lap Tray gives them a great surface for snacking and helps to keep snacks from rolling around and finding their way under seats and smashed into the floor. For those passing snacks around, the Slide N Save Reusable Bags are much better than plastic baggies or plastic bins. Easy to pass around, easy to reseal, and able to stand up on their own, the Slide N Save Reusable Bags work great for small dry snacks, fruit, vegetables, and homemade snack mixes. Not only will they help prevent spills, they also keep your snacks fresh and organized.

Instead of looking down to see a handful of chocolate malted milk balls rolling up and under your pedals as you drive, check out our store and plan on keeping things a bit more tidy as you experience summer’s last great weekend.

Art Therapy for Managing Stress During the School Year

School is back in session and that means earlier mornings, longer days, homework, deadlines, increased pressures of all kinds, and a general increase in stress levels for both kids and parents. As our kids do their best to learn and to adapt to all the changes that the school year brings, stress can slow down their progress. To help alleviate stress and to foster creativity for their children, parents are turning to art therapy.

Studies have shown that art time for kids helps to reduce levels of stress by calming distracted minds, providing a creative outlet of expression to process frustrations, and generating feelings of accomplishment. Referred to as art therapy, time spent in the creative space, even for only a few minutes a day, can be greatly beneficial for stress management from children of all ages.

Our Mod Paint Sticks are perfect for creating quick works of art without creating a mess. Kids can sit down, create, and quickly get back to their daily demands feeling mentally recharged. The Gel Glide Sticks are ideal for kids who are looking to put their art skills to test on a variety of surfaces, including glass or plastic. Both are available in the store now.

Save Money, Time, and the Environment with One Product

It’s rare that convenience, conservation, and money saving all come together at once and we’re often forced into choosing only one or two of the three. As parents, all three things are important to us, so it’s great when a product comes along that allows us to save time, money, and the environment all at once.

Our Slide N Save Reusable Bags are a product that our customers are putting to use in many ways. Made out of a BPA-free and durable silicone, these bags are fit for daily use for packing food on the go, storing food in the fridge, or even for heating up food in the microwave. Unlike plastic bags, which need to be thrown out after a single use, the Slide N Save Reusable Bags are dishwasher safe and can be used over and over again.

With school starting soon, these silicone bags are a fantastic alternative to using plastic for school lunches. Rather than sending hundreds of bags to the landfill, the Slide N Save bags will dramatically reduce your impact on the environment across the school year.

For parents that pack lunches to work, especially food that needs to be heated up, nothing is easier than using the Slide N Save Reusable Bags. Food can be heated up and eaten directly from the bag, so they work great for all kinds of food, even pastas, rice, or soups. The bags also stand up on their own when filled with food, for added usability and convenience.

Also, unlike reusable plastic containers, you won’t be forced to find lids, worry about food staining the container in the microwave, or the container melting when washed in the dishwasher. The Slide N Seal Reusable Bags are a huge improvement over both single use and reusable plastic for all kinds of food storage and packing.

The Slide N Seal Reusable Bags come in two different sizes, so check out the store to see what sizes would be most useful for you and your family. It’s time to ditch plastic for the good of the environment, the good of your budget, and for your added convenience.

Changing the Tone of, “Are We There Yet?”

Over the last weekend we loaded our three kids up into the SUV and headed for a popular road trip destination and an Airbnb tucked away in a little canyon retreat. With three boys, 10, 6, and 15 months, any drive longer than five minutes has a high probability of spiraling into a series of impatient pleas to stop for treats or to get some time away from the one sibling that just won’t stop touching the other. At some point, all three kids come to agree on one thing, they want to know if they are there yet, and they want to ask often how much longer it will be until we are there.

Fully expecting this trip to be an echo of past trips, my wife and I tried to calm one another’s nerves before setting out, but to our surprise, this trip was quite different than what we are used to. The kids stayed calm, quiet, and the one time they asked if we were close to getting there, it was because they were worried about their time in the car running out. What?!

So how did this blessed bizarro world come upon us? It was a pretty simple change to our packing list, actually. For this trip, we gave the kids the Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray and let them bring along a few things of their choosing to pair with the trays. Just simply having a solid surface to accommodate their games, snacks, and a drink helped the kids stay calm and comfortable in the car. Instead of focusing on what they didn’t have or what they wanted, the kids had all they needed at hand and were enjoying the ride more than ever.

Another bonus throughout the trip is that the Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray helped to keep all the kids’ stuff gathered together. We didn’t have loose game cartridges, crayons, or coloring books strewn across the back seat or car floor, and the kids could easily bring their entertainment between the car and the Airbnb. The difference between this trip and previous trips was night and day.

Head over to the store to get a look at more information on the Kids E-Z Travel Lap Tray and make sure to pick one up for each of your kids before that next big road trip. With Labor Day, a huge road trip holiday approaching, you have plenty of time to order.

Add Some Safety and Convenience to Your Stroller

When out with babies or toddlers, a stroller often acts as a lot more than just rolling seat for your little one. A good stroller gets packed up with snacks, diapers, toys, spare clothes, that random sock that you always swear you’re going to take out, and whatever else you might need for the day. Also, the back of the stroller acts as a perfect spot to hang a diaper bag or a purse to lighten the load for a moment.

But no matter how good the stroller is, eventually your child is going to want to be carried, and when the seat is empty, often times the weight shifts. Without thinking about it, you hang your purse or diaper back on the handle and the entire stroller topples backwards. It’s a common frustration, but we’ve come up with an easy to use product that stabilizes your stroller and keeps it from falling backwards.

The Steady Stroller Weights come in a pack of two and attach to the front legs of your stroller. These weights are easy to install, won’t interfere with the stroller’s ability to fold up, and can are durable enough to handle the demands of going everywhere your family goes.

Aside from the added convenience of not having your stroller tipping over, it’s much safer for your child. Head on over to our store and take a look at the Steady Stroller Weights in more detail and see a bit more about how they work and how easy they are to use.

Packing Lunch for Work Made Easy

One of the best ways to save money while eating healthier is to pack your own lunch rather than eating out during the work day. It’s estimated that one person can save, on average, about $1500 per year by packing their own lunch during the work week. But let’s be honest, far too often we trade away money saving opportunities for a bit of convenience.

When it comes to packing a lunch, it’s much more than just making food. You end up having to juggle several different sizes of plastic tubs while trying to keep your calm as the last lid you need seems to have grown legs and escaped during the night. After finally finding that lid, you notice that you’re out of plastic bags. At this point you throw your hands up and decide that you can squeeze in a quick trip through the fast food drive-through. You’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe.

We know it doesn’t need to be so hard to get lunch made, packed, and sent along to work or school. Whether you’re making something fresh or you’re packing leftovers from the previous day’s meal, our Silicone Stretch-N-Seal lids and our Slide N Save Reusable Bags make it as easy as it should be.

With the Silicone Stretch-N-Seal Lids, you can use bowls, cans, plastic containers, cups, or just about anything else to store your food and take it along without having to dig around for the perfect lid size to match. It takes seconds to have your food ready to go, and you’re not left with the lid and container juggler act.

silicone lid

With the Slide N Save Reusable Bags, you have the perfect bag for pasta, fresh vegetables, fruit, dry foods, snacks, and even soup. You can heat your meal up right in the bag, making it easy to prepare your food at work. Unlike sandwich bags, these won’t leak, are durable enough to throw into a backpack or messenger bag, and are 100% microwave safe. The Slide N Save Reusable Bags are also dishwasher safe.

Not only will both of these products help you simplify the lunch packing process, you’ll also reduce the amount of plastic bags you use. We hope that we can help you simplify your lunch routines while making it easier to eat healthier while saving money. Check out the store to see our current deals and offers.