Aug. 16, 2019
Save Money, Time, and the Environment with One Product
It’s rare that convenience, conservation, and money saving all come together at once and we’re often forced into choosing only one or two of the three. As parents, all three things are important to us, so it’s great when a product comes along that allows us to save time, money,…
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Jul. 22, 2019
Changing the Tone of, “Are We There Yet?”
Over the last weekend we loaded our three kids up into the SUV and headed for a popular road trip destination and an Airbnb tucked away in a little canyon retreat. With three boys, 10, 6, and 15 months, any drive longer than five minutes has a high probability of…
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Jul. 10, 2019
Add Some Safety and Convenience to Your Stroller
When out with babies or toddlers, a stroller often acts as a lot more than just rolling seat for your little one. A good stroller gets packed up with snacks, diapers, toys, spare clothes, that random sock that you always swear you're going to take out, and whatever else you…
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Jul. 2, 2019
Packing Lunch for Work Made Easy
One of the best ways to save money while eating healthier is to pack your own lunch rather than eating out during the work day. It's estimated that one person can save, on average, about $1500 per year by packing their own lunch during the work week. But let's be…
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Jun. 26, 2019
With ModFamily, You Won’t Survive Summer…You’ll Thrive
Let’s be honest, summer can be pretty challenging for parents. Some days, the crazy rush to get kids ready for the bus with adequately combed hair and questionably brushed teeth feels like easy mode compared to figuring out how to entertain cooped up kids in hot weather. It can’t be…
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Jan. 30, 2018
Staying on Track with your 2018 Resolutions
January is nearly behind us, but all those resolutions we made are still fresh on our minds. Whether we chose to eat better foods, work out more, spend more time with our kids, reduce clutter in our homes, read more books, pick up a new hobby, or whatever it might…
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Nov. 13, 2017
Lego on the Go: My Brick Case
Few things calm down kids and get them to play as quietly and focused as well as building blocks. Kids can spend hours putting their imagination to work as they create buildings, vehicles, and all sorts of other creations. As great as building blocks and bricks are, they're about the…
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Nov. 7, 2017
Brace Yourselves…Leftovers are Coming
It seems that as the holidays roll on, we're not only stacking presents under the tree, we're also stacking containers of leftover food and treats into our fridge. As the leftovers build up, the search for the right lid gets harder and harder. You find yourself cramming big portions in…
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Oct. 30, 2017
Make Holiday Road Trips More Enjoyable with ModFamily
As Halloween wraps up, it's time to start solidfying our holiday plans. For many parents, it often means extra time spent behind the wheel. As we prepare for big family dinners, visits to a loved one's home, holiday shopping trips, or road trip to holiday destinations, things can get pretty…
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Aug. 24, 2017
Back to School Made Easier with ModFamily
It's that time of year again. Kids are back in school and every part of the day is used to attack an ever-growing list of to-do items. Mornings bring on the demands from school lunches, last minute homework checks, breakfast, and trying to wrangle kids to get ready on time.…
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