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The work of children is play. Creative play helps nurture positive brain development, healthy communication, and inventive self-expression. The benefits of creative play are numerous – not only will you see your child grow intellectually and physically, but socially and emotionally as well. Read more about creative play and all the reasons you should encourage it here.


modFamily has created a line of products that assist parents in all things creative. Rather than reaching for the remote or tablet, fill your shelves with opportunities for your kids to create new worlds and use their imagination with paint or building bricks. Inspire your children to discover outdoor games that take them away from their tablet and TV screens and require exploration and home base.

Challenge their minds with activities that you’d otherwise consider messy by exploring modFamily’s mess-free products for kids, like our No-Mess Mod Paint Sticks. Suddenly our Little Nook Play tent becomes a spaceship, our Ez travel lap tray the desk of the next Picasso. Open the doors to the world of make-believe and encourage creative play on a daily basis.

With modFamily products you can:

  • Encourage creativity without the mess.
  • Provide quick cover for activities in or outside.
  • Let your kids enjoy art or engineering on the go.
  • And all along the way make your life easier!

No matter where you are, in the car or at home, or where you’re going, the beach, vacation, or to grandma and grandpa’s house, our products are easy to pack, travel-friendly, and ready for adventure. Take a look at some of our top products, we are sure you’ll find something to simplify your day to day and at the same time, stimulate the creativity of your children.