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Introducing the eHive

Finally a product to help control screen time in your home. The E-Hive can store, organize, charge and lock multiple devices!

  • Stores up to four phones and three tablets.
  • Charges up to 7 devices.
  • Locks and is built like a safe.
  • No slip grips prevent damage.
  • Side vents keep devices cool.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry.

“Talking to each other at the dinner table is coming back into fashion”

Luke Morris, Seattle, WA

Trying to keep electronic cords organized and under control is hard.
It seems like someone is always asking where their charging cord is.

Features of the eHive



Built-in Manual Lock

A recent study has shown kids will go to great lengths to re-acquire their favorite device. To avoid this temptation, we designed the E-Hive with security in mind.

With a 12-point closure and 1000 combination lock, you’ll never have to worry about where your electronics are again.


Store up to Seven Devices

The E-Hive stores and charges up to four phones and three tablets at a time. No more searching through a mess of tangled cables!

Each side can hold devices as wide and tall as an iPad Pro and an iPhone X. Extra-thick foam padding encases each device, and non-slip straps hold everything in place.

“Our kids always outsmart us and find ways around parental controls — this is checkmate.”

Beckett Moss, Albany, NY


Keep Them All Charged

Charge all your devices at once and use only one plug-in to do it!

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Light-weight and Easy to Carry

Just because it’s built like a safe doesn’t mean you have to deal with the weight of one. You can take the eHive anywhere! With a wide handle and everything secured inside, you can just take it and go! And the compact design allows you to easily fit it in small spaces like your suitcase or under the seat of the car.

Be the First to Hear the eHive Buzz!

Enter to win 1 of 5 free eHives!

Check out These Cool Features

We’ve designed the best way in the world to herd together all the devices for a whole family.

“I am a mom of 4 children, and felt that electronics we taking over our home.”

Jamie Kelly, Founder


“We were struggling to spend quality time together as a family and I found myself constantly monitoring my kids screen time. When I looked on the market for a way to control this problem, all I found were docking stations. While these docking stations provided a central location for devices in the home, it did not provide an enclosed place that could lock, store and charge them. I also wanted a box that was portable so I could take it with our family on trips and on the go. This is when I decided to come up with my own idea of the eHive.”


“Yesterday my kids were playing Clue together. I didn’t even know we had Clue!”

Maya Caulfield, Denver, CO

Be the First to Hear the eHive Buzz!

Enter to win 1 of 5 free eHives!