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baby nook
Baby Nook

“We love this tent for our family. We have a newborn and it has been great to have this summer to shield him from the wind and sun when we are outside (which is often). We have used it in our backyard, at the beach, at the park, and more. I’m so glad I found this product. It’s easy to open and close and very small and portable so we can take it with us anywhere. I usually leave in the car so it can go to the park with us each week (and only bring it out when we’re bbq’ing and home and want to be out in the yard with our little one). Maybe I should buy a second so I can have one dedicated to our yard.”

– Danielle

indoor play tentLittle Nook

“We got this for our 4 year old and 2 year old. They spent all day in the thing. We knew they loved these play tents because they have played in them before. We had no idea they would spend that much time in there using their imaginations.”

– Jeremy A.

silicone lidO-Sip! Sippy Lids

“These are wonderful for young children. I have a one year old and a three year old and they both love using them. It makes them feel like they are big being able to drink out of the same cups as mommy and daddy. They are very tight and don’t leak water at all. My youngest loves to throw her cups on the ground and it has yet to leak. They have fit over every cup I have placed them on so far with ease. They are easy to just throw in my purse when we go out to eat taking up way less room than carrying two sippy cups. They are so easy to clean as well I can just throw them in the dishwasher and they come out super clean. This is a wonderful thing to have for young children I highly recommend it!”

– Jake


“This is a truly rad product! What an innovative idea! It’s kind of like using a glue stick, combined with paint… My kids absolutely love using them! They paint pictures with them, and even painted their pumpkins! I really love that they aren’t a huge mess, and are super easy to use. No more getting paint brushes, old shirts, and newspapers to let my kids express their creativity with paint. These are virtually mess-free, with zero clean up after! That is this mom’s dream come true! Seriously! Great, great product! I will be spreading the word about this product to my friends and family because it truly is that cool!”

– Herkimer

Adult Sippy LidO-Sip! Tumbler Lids

“I have a 14 yr old with special needs. He is still a 14 year old who cares about his appearances, but needs the support of a spillproof cup. He needed something more mature. These work very well. I bought stainless 20 oz cups to go with. I can put one in my wallet when we go out. These fit almost any cup. They don’t embarrass him in the least.”

– Jessica K.

bag sealerReliaSeal

“Finally, an alternative to those greasy, cheap and ugly chip bag clips!! Using this thing is so easy and quick and something I will definitely use on my next camping trip to keep bugs and dirt out of my favorite foods. I have been searching for a while for something that will actually seal bags and not just form a loose seal that opens 2 seconds later. This thing creates a strong bond almost as if you never opened the bag!”

– Ben C.

silicone lid7-Pack Silicone Lids

“I very rarely take the time to write reviews on products but this product HAS to receive 5 stars. I’m finally transitioning all of my Tupperware to glassware. I had some glass bowls without lids that I tend not to use for that reason. I bought these lids and they are amazing!!!! They work exactly as described.”

– Mom of 2

Kids travel trayTravel Tray

“The kids EZ travel lap tray is awesome! Love this product! My kids use it every time we are in the car and they love that it can be worn as a backpack. It has a cup holder and zipper compartment so the kids can keep their coloring books and crayons/markers safely inside. Just be sure to keep the thick foam inserts that come with it!!! They make the tray function properly, especially the cup holder! Someone in my home accidentally threw away the thick foam inserts, so I contacted the company via email to ask for replacement foam and they replied the same day and shipped out 2 new foam inserts THE SAME DAY at no charge! Amazing company and amazing customer service! Thank you so much!!! Take a look at their website, they have a number of fun and useful products!!”

– Margaret C.

can lid6-Pack Silicone Lids

“I’ve needed these for many years, and didn’t think to search for them. I always have opened cans of something – evaporated and condensed milk, dog and cat food, and misc. cans like cranberry sauce or canned veggies that I’ve been covering with aluminum foil, which never really worked and only made me think I could keep its usefulness longer. And now the answer to my prayer! I just received these and tried them on various small can tops, and they fit great! They stretch easy enough and are long and strong enough to fit the very variety of can sizes I need them for. Thank you! I’ll update if I have any unexpected results from them.”

– Newigwam

silicone lidO-Sip! Straw Lids

“Works very well with an autistic child who likes to throw cups of juice into the air to watch/listen to the crash. Keeps the cups from spilling everywhere. The vent hole is just big enough to let air out but not force liquid up through the straw when the lid is pressed on like other brands.”

– Kayla

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