About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Rob and Brittney Johnson

We are parents too! Like you, we find family life to be very fun and rewarding, but also very fast-paced. That is why we, ModFamily, want to help maximize your time so you can slow down and enjoy the ones that make life all worth it. We aim to deliver fun, innovative products that will bring increased convenience to your family life with solutions that are both fresh and creative. Every product we sell meets a basic family need but in a cool, unique way. That is why our products are great gift ideas for parents too! We know what you need because we are needy parents too; like you, we need products that can maximize time, reduce stress and enrich family life. And, rest assured: If we don’t use a product in our home, we won’t sell it to yours. With ModFamily, you can expect to receive the absolute best customer service because we know our products. We use our products. As part of our ModFamily, you will find trust, understanding, and loyalty, not to mention expertise, as we strive to serve you.

Have you ever purchased a product and thought, “How did I ever live without this?”, or “Where was this five years ago when I had my first toddler?” At ModFamily, our aim is for you to say something similar whenever you use one of our products. Because we infuse modern technology into products that are designed to meet the most practical, challenging problems of family life, we can promise you that same buzz when you first experience a ModFamily product.

Our Mission

ModFamily helps modern families overcome their everyday life strains by providing products that enrich and simplify life -- with an innovative, modern twist -- so that problems can be replaced by that precious commodity called more time with those we most love.

Products with a Purpose

  • Simplify Life
  • Provide comfort and convenience
  • Creative, fun and modern
  • Efficient and multi-use

Our Story

ModFamily began as parents and founders Jamie and Chad Kelly, and Rob and Brittney Johnson, discovered solutions to problems like cups spills, lack of an outdoor play and rest space for infants, and food going bad too quickly. The group quickly located new, innovative household tools that not only put a modern twist on classic household commodities, but also instantly made their lives easier. Their enthusiasm to share these great finds ignited, and a company was born! We can’t wait to share solutions with you that have helped us better tackle some of the daily challenges of family life. “We are passionate about delivering new products for modern families that solve those all-too-familiar problems of everyday family life!”

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