The beach is a family favorite, whether you live nearby or only get to visit while on vacation. When we think of the beach, we typically picture hot sun, warm sand, and cool water to play in, but there are tons of other factors to plan for on even a short beach trip. Weather changes quickly at the beach, wind can come up unexpectedly, and a secluded stretch of sand can quickly fill up with other visitors. There are a lot of variables to plan for, especially when a trip to the beach involves children.

When packing for the beach, the Little Nook Play Tent has found its way among the list of must-haves. Taking along the play tent will make your trip more enjoyable for many reasons, including making the trip safer. Here are a few ways to make your beach trip better with a Little Nook Play Tent.

Use a Play Tent as a Shade Tent

The Little Nook Play Tent is a fantastic way to provide some shade for your child. Along with proper use of sunblock, having a shady place to sit and play or rest will make the beach much safer for children. It’s often hard to find shade at the beach, and our kids are the ones that really need it the most. Sunblock wears off, or we often miss a spot, but the Little Nook Play Tent will offer 100% protection from the sun.

Provide Privacy for Your Child

Use the Little Nook as a spot to change a diaper or let your child change in and out of their swimsuit without having to make a trip to the bathrooms each time. As the beach fills up with visitors, it’s also nice to let your child have their own little space on the beach where people won’t constantly be stepping around or over your child as they make their way in and out of the water.

Don’t Let Nap Time Cut Your Trip Short

Often with children, nap time can bring any activity or trip to a grinding halt. The Little Nook Play Tent is perfect for letting kids have a place to lay down and nap, even out on the beach. With the ventilated sides, your child will stay cool and content until it’s time to get up and start playing again. Make all the effort it takes getting to the beach worth the trip!

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

In most cases, you can predict a few things from a typical beach trip. But as mentioned earlier, the beach can also be somewhat unpredictable. A gentle breeze can strengthen and turn into wind. As sand kicks up, having the Little Nook Play Tent on hand is a perfect place to escape the wind until it dies down. The same is true for quick rain showers. Temperatures can fluctuate as well, and the Little Nook is perfect to cool down when it gets too hot or to warm up with a blanket if your child gets cold.

Snack Time Without the Sand

Let your child settle into the Little Nook Play Tent and enjoy a quick snack. With the floor of the tent covering up the sand, snack time is a bit cleaner and easier to pull off. Even if your child isn’t ready to eat, the play tent provides a perfect place to store any food that you want to keep away from the sand or out of the sun.

There are lots of additional reasons to bring the Little Nook Play Tent along with you to the beach. After a trip or two with the tent, it’ll quickly become an essential item in your checklist of items. Order your Little Nook Play Tent and start making beach trips better for the entire family.


  1. Janice on September 6, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Hello, will you be offering this product in more colors? Thanks!

    • Jamie Kelly on September 13, 2017 at 6:53 pm

      Hi Janice,
      Yes we hope to be offering this product in new colors very soon! Thank you for asking!

  2. S gaines on October 4, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    I love ours, but can’t get it to fold up small enough to get back in the carrying bag. Are there instructions somewhere??

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