The Little Nook Child Play Tent is one of our favorite products that we offer and continues to be one of our best sellers. As we’ve been selling the Little Nook, we’ve found that our customers are using them in so many ways and places. Here are some of the different ways that our versatile little play tent is being put to good use.

Keeping Your Toddler Safe on the Go

Whether you’re visiting at a friend’s house, traveling to spend time with family, or are out at the park or relaxing on the beach, having a high-quality play tent is a great way to keep your kid close while keeping them entertained. Give your child a place to nap, play with toys, or to escape from the sun while you catch up with friends or family and enjoy some added peace of mind.

Don’t Skip Nap Time

Give your child a comfortable and familiar place to lay down and nap, even while traveling. It can be hard to get your child to settle down in unfamiliar areas, but the Little Nook Child Play Tent is perfect for creating a small space that your child is comfortable with and will be content to rest a while. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, the play tent is a great little spot for a nap.

Create a Place for Focused Time

It’s important for kids to get some time to focus. With all the distractions from phones, tablets, TV, music, siblings, pets, and everything else that’s buzzing around us, it can be tough for a child to find a place to enjoy some quiet focus time. Many parents have found that setting up a play tent and giving their kid a puzzle, coloring books, or any sort of educational toy allows them to tune out distractions and focus on what’s right in front of them. We only wish adult-sized tents weren’t so tough to set up for when life feels a little too busy as a parent…

Extend the Time and Quality of Your Outings

Trips to the beach, park, or the mountains can take a lot of preparation and effort to pull off. Having to cut a trip short because of your child needs a nap, gets cold, or is feeling overwhelmed can be disheartening. With our play tent, your kid can cool off from the sun, warm up on a cool day, take a quick nap, or take a moment to calm down and rest. It’s a great way to casually introduce your child to the outdoors without having to feel like time is ticking away.

Make Family Time Better

When you have more than one kid, sitting down to watch a movie or play games together can be a great time…unless the youngest one decides that wandering seems like a better time. Setting up a play tent and letting your kid have their own space facing the TV or game board will reduce distraction and the desire to wander. If your child gets tired, keep them close and allow them to nap so you can continue on with family time without worrying about how your child is doing in another room.

There are just a few of the ways people are using the Little Nook Child Play Tent. Aside from being a fun and easy-to-use play tent, the Little Nook makes family time better, no matter where you are. Pair the Little Nook with our Mod Paint Sticks and some paper, and see how quickly your child learns to love this fantastic little tent.

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