ModSmart: Get Alexa to Help with Household Chores

ModSmart: Get Alexa to Help with Household Chores

Use Alexa to Tackle Chore Time

Set a Cleaning Schedule (Chore Chart)

Planning your cleaning makes it a less daunting task. Alexa is here to help the entire household stay on task! Alexa Skill Blueprints allow you to make your own personalized skills. It is simple and just about anyone can do it. Use the Chore Chart Blueprint and click on Make Your Own. Add the names of your family members under Household Members.

There is a premade list of chores you can use. You can remove unwanted or unneeded chores by pressing the X. You can add your own chores by clicking the Add button.

Then you can choose a person from the list and assign them a chore. Then you can assign them the days and times they should do the chore. Then you can set up reminders so Alexa will announce the chore and whose turn it is to perform it.

After you’ve assigned all the chores click on Experience. On this page you can set how Alexa interacts and encourages household members when they use the chore chart. You can use the premade responses or add your own. “Thanks Kiddo, Mommy loves you!” can be said when the Chore is completed.

name your new Chore Chart skill and you’re good to go!

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