Pack Soup with the Slide N Save

Throughout the fall and winter months, soup becomes a way of life for many of us. Whether it’s a good way to warm up for dinner after a commute home or a midday meal, it’s hard to beat soup on a cold day. For those of us that pack our lunches for work, however, soup can be a bit of a problem. We try plastic tubs that spill, are unhealthy to use for reheating, and have lids that are less secure than our teenage kids. We do it though. We put that homemade chicken noodle soup in a plastic bin and hope that when we unzip our lunch bag that it’s not a soggy mess.

We have the perfect solution for packing soup, and it’s our Slide N Save Reusable Bags. These bags are great for all kinds of dry and wet foods, but they’re absolutely perfect for soup. Made from silicone, the Slide N Save bags are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, stand up on their own, and won’t leak even if they’re packed around. You can even put the bags directly in boiling water for cooking or reheating food.

When not in use, the Slide and Save bags take up less space than any other kind of food storage container. The bags lay flat and you don’t have to search for matching lids when it’s time to pack your lunch. Simply put, the Slide N Save Reusable bags are just more convenient than any other way of packing soup. Head on over to our store and check them out. The bags are available on our store in packs of two or three.

With the holidays coming up, these are also a fantastic gift idea for parents or people who are often on the go.

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