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Say hello to your must-have stroller accessory! The days of your stroller tipping over backward from carrying ALL the things in your diaper bag are over. Simply strap each weight to the front stroller legs and you’re set. Who knew it could be that easy?!

At modFamily, we know that safety for your kids is priority number #1. Wouldn’t you love to have one less thing to worry about? modFamily has developed the Steady Stroller Weights, to prevent accidents that can not only be dangerous but distressing to your baby or toddler. This stroller accessory comes in a pack of 2, one for each front leg of the stroller. Weighing just 1 pound each, these weights help stabilize your stroller, whether you have an overpacked diaper bag on the back, your purse, or shopping bags. One of our favorite parenting hacks, the slick design of this stroller accessory gives you the ability to fold the stroller without having to remove the weights and the anti-slip material keeps the weights in place. All of these reasons, plus more, are why this is one stroller accessory you MUST have!

Here’s to conquering your next outing with your kiddos!

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About the product
  • Can balance up to 6 pounds of stuff put on the back of the stroller
  • Two 1 lb weights (one for each front leg of the stroller)
  • Velcro straps give them a universal snug fit
  • Prevents stroller from tipping over backwards from the weight of your diaper bag
  • Weights can always stay on the stroller. You don’t have to take them on and off when you fold your stroller (slim design)

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1 in

1 review for Steady Stroller Weights

  1. Kristin

    “We love this product! It is amazing and works even better than you would expect. It is really easy to attach and fits all three strollers that I own. I have a very active two-year-old who screams when I buckle her in a stroller. She often likes to jump out of the stroller when something catches her eye. Most often when this is done I have my heavy diaper bag attached and down goes the stroller. We just used this product when we went to an amusement park and it was wonderful. She was able to get in and out when she wanted and I didn’t have to worry about the stroller tumbling over. I highly recommend this product!

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