Reduce screen time without increasing scream time

Screen time. Those are two hot button words that kids hate to hear and parents love to stress about. Expert opinions may vary on how much screen time is appropriate for children, but almost all parents are happy to see screen time in the home reduced, especially if it can be done without a fight.

When looking to reduce screen time, there are many ways to go about it. Some parents put a daily maximum on time and let the children choose how they want to break up the time throughout the day, while others have designated times when TV, video games, and tablets are free to use. While these are effective ways to control the amount of screen time, they often lead to frustrations with kids looking to push beyond the established boundaries or complaints that the allotted time isn’t fair.

We have found that one of the best ways to avoid arguments over screen time is to give children alternatives to screen time that engages their imagination and sense of creativity. Whether it’s giving kids art supplies to paint or color, building blocks, or musical instruments, kids find that when they pour their energy into creative efforts that they forget about the screens that seemed so impossible to look away from. Compromises can also be made during screen time where children may combine art time with their TV show or movie time, which makes transitioning away from the TV easier to do when time is up and ensure that not all the time spent in front of the screen is passive.

Reduce screen time without increasing scream time

While every parent needs to decide how much screen time is appropriate for their own children, all parents should find ways to keep the peace with their kids when it comes to turning the TV or tablet off. We offer a variety of products in the store that kids have shown to love. Check out our store and see the many ways we are able to help you encourage creative play with your children and avoid meltdowns over screen time reduction.

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